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"Ride Captains and Tail-Gunners" Book

The Complete Guide for Motorcycle Group Riding

Ride Captains and Tail-Gunners Book

Motorcycles are fun, and even more fun with friends! Riding in a group is pretty awesome, but there’s also a bunch of “unwritten” rules of the road when you ride in a group.

Group riding is a topic not widely discussed in most motorcycle books, Even the state licensing manuals only have a few short paragraphs about group riding, This book fills in the missing information riders should know about  in order to ride safely in a group, and have a fun, stress-free experience. 

Ride Captains and Tail-Gunners covers all of the “how and why” questions that most motorcyclists have about group riding. 

Written by Mark Turkel, avid motorcyclist, former safety officer, and currently a ride captain in a club with over 400 riders, Mark brings a unique perspective to group riding.