Online Application

How much does it cost?

$19.99/month for the Club or Group, Free for all Bikers!

  • Unlimited Riders
  • Unlimited Officers
  • Unlimited Rides
  • Unlimited EVERYTHING!
  • Free email support
CLUB OFFICERS: Spend more time riding, less time on club administration!

How do I get started?

It is easy to get started! Once you sign up, you’ll get setup quickly. 

To customize the app for your club, you’ll need:

  • Club or Group Logo (if you have one)
  • Your “colors” – RGB or Hex codes (We can help you with this.)

Easy To Update Your Group's Mileage for Ride Events

If your group manages a Ride Calendar, and keeps track of each person’s mileage, this is the application for your group!

Check out this short video to show you just how quick and easy managing your group’s ride can be!

Works on Any Computer, Tablet, or Phone!

Spend your time RIDING, not “working”

GroupMiles Events List View

Receive Miles

GroupMiles knows who said they’re riding, but not every shows up – and that’s all GroupMiles needs to know to assign the group ride miles to the people that rode. You can always add more riders manually that attended a ride without letting GroupMiles know.

GroupMiles Ride tracking

See Your Ride History

As a group member, you get to see your fellow group member’s ride info. It is so nice to look back on previous ride pictures with good friends. GroupMiles creates a photo gallery with each ride/event.

Add rides

Click on the Calendar – Add your ride event! So easy to do on your phone, tablet, or computer! 

You can now view both the calendar and a more detailed “List” view to see the picture and description without clicking-in.  The system is designed to be FAST and EASY.