About Us

Mark Turkel and Lorraine Turkel wearing motorcycle helmets

My wife Lorraine and I ride together all the time, and when we ride in North Carolina and Tennessee forests and mountains, well, this is “it” for us when it comes to sport-touring! 

I learned to ride in my school days, but then “life happened”, and I stepped away from riding for a long time. We got back into it about 14 years ago, and I expect to be riding for another 25 years!

My company, Palm Beach Software Design, Inc. has been creating software since the late 80’s, and I still love the technology, the code, and making my client’s businesses thrive with the work we do for them.

we hope you share our

Mission & Vision

The GroupMiles Mission is to help motorcycle clubs keep track of their calendar events and rides, as well as to track member’s mileage achievements.

We will help all clubs manage their event calendars and ride mileage from a safe cloud application, accessible on the internet with a desktop computer, tablet, or phone, for convenient and easy mileage tracking.

Affordable Software

A small license fee each month, and we handle it all for you.

Mileage Tracking

Each rider's miles are attached to each event they participate in.

Mileage Certificates

Recognize Riders for hitting mileage milestones.


We want you to meet great people and ride together!